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One Madison Building Exterior Design


Transforming Midtown South.

One Madison Avenue creates a unique addition to the New York skyline through the combination of a revitalized mid-century masonry podium and the construction of a new tower above offering exceptional views of Madison Square Park while referencing the aesthetic of surrounding architecture.

01 Architects

Architect Rendering of the Building
One Madison Avenue will be a dramatic transformation that will infuse a timeless New York City property with a dynamic, inspiring workplace for the 21st century. Our design, in particular the tower addition, will be deferential to the architecture of the neighboring Clock Tower, while the façades of the new building will echo the lush green context of Madison Square Park.

Doug Hocking, Principal, KPF

Current Development
Future Development

02  Transformation

The future of our shared history.

By bringing new life to the existing mid-century masonry podium through the addition of a glass tower, SL Green transforms the site into a contemporary destination building that integrates seamlessly with its environment.


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03 Building

Take a closer look at the layout of One Madison.

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04 Window Façade

Bringing the outside in.

High-performance insulated glass and design additions maximize the natural light within the masonry podium. Meanwhile an advanced DOAS air system, provides 100% outside air to tenants.
Window Facade
Window Facade Image